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How McDonald’s Australia delivered 1:1 customer engagement at scale with inGenious AI

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How McDonald’s Australia delivered 1:1 customer engagement at scale with inGenious AI


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Uniting iconic brands with 1:1 customer engagement

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For McDonald’s Australia, its high-profile partnership with the AFL was about more than just selling burgers – it was a chance for some brand building through the classic Aussie pastime of footy.  

With the help of inGenious AI, McDonald’s Australia supported this multi-player partnership by creating a single chatbot focused on customer experience (CX) and engagement. 

Funneling fans into a single chatbot for the Pre-Game Routine promotion

The McDonald’s Australia Pre-Game Routine promotion was a season-long campaign across six AFL clubs. 

In the acquisition phase, ads across a range of channels funneled thousands of fans into a single chatbot run through Facebook Messenger. By sharing their pre-game routine and their favourite club, AFL fans earned vouchers for use on the myMaccas app. 

Once those footy fans were onboard, they could check-in with the chatbot throughout the season for weekly discounts.  

Re-engagement is easy with Messenger – once the connection is made, the conversation sits in your inbox alongside messages from friends and family. 

When it comes to footy, it’s personal 

With customers now well engaged with the chatbot, McDonald’s Australia had thousands of new fans added to their CRM and were able to target specific customer segments with hyper-personalised content. It all started with a few simple questions about their favourite footy team.  

As Amy Phillips from McDonald’s Australia recalls about the promotion “one of our big goals was about brand love; really connecting with the AFL and the individual club fans. And we did that.” 

How a chatbot can be your brand-building best friend

Chatbots have incredible capabilities that go beyond data collection and answering FAQs.  

  • Boost product knowledge: Engage with your audience to let them know what’s new, what’s changing and what products go well together 
  • Personalisation through opt-in questions: Ask your customers for more than just their email address and they can tell you who they are on their terms 
  • Opt-in notifications and reminders: Audience losing steam before they opt-in? Set reminders and notifications to get them on track and on your list 
  • Send images, videos and audio to engage: Go beyond text and mix it up with memes, GIFs, songs, TikToks – whatever works for your audience 
  • Track engagement and use insights to plan campaigns: When you can see how your audience engages with your chatbot content, you can adapt campaigns for future growth 

How a chatbot can help feed your CRM…and vice versa

Chatbot data is a great way to build out your CRM beyond an email address; insights into customer preferences can have a big impact on marketing and brand building activities. 

For McDonald’s Australia, the thousands of footy fans who used their discount vouchers were added to the CRM or their profiles were expanded.  

Using the chatbot and myMaccas app data collected through the promotion, McDonald’s Australia was able to build unique user profiles containing everything from a customer’s favourite club to what they ordered on the myMaccas app. This kind of data detail helps McDonald’s Australia strategically target future marketing and offer personalised customer promotions. 

Our chatbots are built for the non-techy people on your team (and they’re impossible to break)  

The platform includes a tailored dashboard built to deliver key insights into how your chatbot is working without having to dive into code.  

Amy said working with inGenious AI on the tech side of the chatbot was the most straightforward part of the entire campaign.  

“We could follow along on the dashboard and see how many customers were returning customers each week, and from which channels. That data is invaluable.” 

How McDonald’s Australia delivered on a big brand partnership

When two of Australia’s most well-known brands strike up a partnership, there’s a lot at stake.  

Footy fans from 6 key clubs were funnelled to the Meta-hosted chatbot to share their pre-game routine throughout the season. In exchange, they received vouchers for the myMaccas app.  

McDonald’s Australia chose inGenious AI to build their chatbot that had to integrate with Meta, deliver on their brand voice, and comply with competition and data privacy regulations. 

“We started 10,000 chat sessions during the campaign and gave away more than 4,000 vouchers to footy fans,” says Amy Phillips, Southwest Marking Assistant for McDonald’s Australia. 

“Our digital engagement went up, our brand partnership recognition went up, and there were upsale benefits for us too.” 

How McDonald’s Australia worked with inGenious AI to nail a big brand partnership.

Easy-to-use chatbots that engage 24/7.   

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