Council Services AI Chatbot Solution

Council Services AI Chatbot Solution

We revolutionise your public service delivery by cutting your online inquiries in half. Discover the impact of our platform with a complimentary demo.

Council Services AI Chatbot Solution

We’ve got expertise in your industry

Automate public service inquiries

Offer 24/7 support to your citizens so they quickly get the information they need.

Automate complex processes

Integrate our solution with internal systems to process customer inquiries instantly.

Feedback and reporting issues

Collect feedback on public services and allow citizens to easily report issues to help streamline processes.

Industry specific challenges

Customer Personalisation

Help Citizens Navigate

Our chatbot solution simplifies how citizens access and navigate the extensive services and products offered by Councils.

Offer 24/7 Support

Provide citizens with support beyond the standard 9-5 hours to assist with inquiries and reduce stress during peak times.

Answer Complex Question

Answer Complex Question

Quickly answer complex council queries about licensing, recycling rules, and permits, saving time and hassle.

Australia Ranks Among Top 5 Global Leaders in Chatbot Adoption

In an era where digital transformation is paramount, Councils within the Australian government are leading by example, increasingly adopting chatbot technology to revolutionise public service delivery and user satisfaction.

This shift towards automated solutions is all about enhancing accessibility, efficiency, and satisfaction for every citizen. Discover how our chatbot solutions can complement your department by booking a demo today.

Our customers' success means the world to us!

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Why people love us

Why people love us

Discover how our chatbot solutions have transformed businesses.

Starts inGenious AI

“It’s levelled up our service proposition. We’re fast, accurate, and a bit cheeky – all through the chatbot. For our customers, it’s even more powerful. They simply don’t have to wait.”

Patrick Ryan

Customer Experience,
Starts inGenious AI

“The way they can work with people who aren’t technically savvy makes it super easy. As the client, you get what you want without having to work too hard.”

Amy Phillips,

Southwest Marketing Assistant,
Starts inGenious AI

“We used to push people to call us, but with the chatbot we don’t have to. If you’re speaking to a customer on a secure chatbot platform or talking to them on the phone – you can ask the same questions, it’s the same experience.” 

Samantha Price

Customer Experience Lead,
Wyndham City Council

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