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Deliver 24/7 customer service without breaking the budget. Off--the-shelf customer service solutions available for local and state governments with a proven track record of success. Reduce overhead costs by automating simple and repetitive customer service tasks.

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Giving your community what they want

Chatbots are a growing medium, and no wonder, as they provide people with the information they want, when they want it. Customer willingness to wait for an email reply or sit on hold is diminishing. Make your brand more accessible, and your community will thank you for it.

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Simple yet intuitive

Removing the complexity of developer heavy chatbots, the platform is easy to manage, agile, and intuitive. You can start small and launch quickly. No need to create 500 questions or make large organisational changes to accommodate a new technology. And the bot will learn as you do, with intelligent AI to inform improvement.

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Focus on growth areas

Reduce the need for human intervention, and increase job satisfaction by having your team focus on more high-value tasks and projects. Up to 85% of customer enquiries can be managed without intervention; it’s true, we’ve got our own data to prove it.

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