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Turn dissatisfied customers into brand advocates with our intuitive platform. Book to see how it helps grow your revenue - schedule a free demo today.

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We’ve got expertise in your industry

Give your shoppers a personalised experience

Suggest complementary products based on customer preferences and browsing history.

Simplify the buying process

Guide customers through every step of the buying journey, from product discovery to purchase and post-sales support.

Automate refunds and returns

Make refunds and returns easy for your customers with our platform, enhancing your shopping experience.

Industry specific challenges

Resolve Complex inquiries

Automatically resolve customer service inquiries like shipping questions, product information, and warranties.

Automate Your Processes

Our platform can connect to e-commerce tools and integrate with your CRM to automate your shopping journey.

Answer Complex Question

Manage surging ticket volumes during busy shopping seasons and deliver extraordinary customer service without increasing costs.

These are the stats on retail shoppers

As of 2023, about 42% of Australian consumers have used chatbots or virtual assistants to make purchases online in one shape or form.

According to the National Retail Federation, 54% of shoppers go online to buy something specific, and what influences their decision depends on: The ability to find what they want quickly (48%), customer service (28%) and speedy and simple checkouts (24%).

Chatbots can complement each of these aspects, making them excellent integrations with retail websites. Book a demo to see how our solution can boost your sales.

Our customers' success means the world to us!

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Why people love us

Why people love us

Discover how our chatbot solutions have transformed businesses.

Starts inGenious AI

“It’s levelled up our service proposition. We’re fast, accurate, and a bit cheeky – all through the chatbot. For our customers, it’s even more powerful. They simply don’t have to wait.”

Patrick Ryan

Customer Experience,
Starts inGenious AI

“The way they can work with people who aren’t technically savvy makes it super easy. As the client, you get what you want without having to work too hard.”

Amy Phillips,

Southwest Marketing Assistant,
Starts inGenious AI

“We used to push people to call us, but with the chatbot we don’t have to. If you’re speaking to a customer on a secure chatbot platform or talking to them on the phone – you can ask the same questions, it’s the same experience.” 

Samantha Price

Customer Experience Lead,
Wyndham City Council

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